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Fire alarm panel cad block

I design and install fire alarms. It is required that I develop and submit drawings for each fire alarm I install state code I mostly have my own standards the I came up with my self but I think I need to start getting in line with most of the industry. Thing is I can't find a standard for the fire alarm crowd. I found some cad standards but they're not very detailed.

High mileage 10w40

As a car racks up the miles and an engine ages, it starts to suffer from general wear and tear. Countless billions of revolutions of shafts and pistons all rubbing on each other, wearing away surfaces, cause parts not to fit as snugly or glide past each other as effortlessly as they once did. An engine in this state can benefit from slightly different, mostly thicker lubrication in the form of high mileage oil, that is specially formulated and designed for high mileage cars. Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.